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Mortgage Rate Indicators for Denver

Mortgage Rate Indicators for Denver

Have you ever wondered why it's important to watch mortgage rate indicators? Or even what the mortgage rate indicators are that you should be watching? And if you knew why to watch and what to watch, do you understand what all that means, or is it just mumbo-jumbo to you?

If your answer is that all this mortgage rate indicators stuff is just mumbo-jumbo to you, then let me offer you an easy solution:

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Market Comment - Week of September 6th, 2010

Mortgage bond prices fell last week pushing interest rates moderately higher. The up and down trading pattern continued with rates rising and falling throughout the week. Strong stocks mid week and stronger than expected ISM Index data didn't help rates. Consumer confidence came in at 53.5, higher than the expected 49.9 mark and pressured rates. Weekly jobless claims and factory orders data were near expectations. Rates rose by about 1/4 of a discount point for the week.

The Treasury auctions and the weekly jobless claims data will be the most important releases this week. Expect more volatility, as stocks and bonds are likely to continue their back and forth trading pattern.

Economic Factors

Economic Indicator

Release Date Time

Consensus Estimate


3-year Treasury Note Auction

Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2010


Important. $33 billion of notes will be auctioned. Strong demand may lead to lower mortgage rates.

10-year Treasury Note Auction

Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2010


Important. $21 billion of notes will be auctioned. Strong demand may lead to lower mortgage rates.

Fed "Beige Book"

Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2010


Important. This Fed report details current economic conditions across the US. Signs of weakness may lead to lower rates.

Consumer Credit

Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2010

Down $1.1 billion

Low importance. A significantly larger than expected increase may lead to lower mortgage interest rates.

Trade Data

Thursday, Sept. 9, 2010

$48 billion deficit

Important. Affects the value of the dollar. A falling deficit may strengthen the dollar and lead to lower rates.

Weekly Jobless Claims

Thursday, Sept. 9, 2010


Important. An indication of employment. An increase in jobless claims may bring lower rates.

30-year Treasury Bond Auction

Thursday, Sept. 9, 2010


Important. $13 billion of bonds will be auctioned. Strong demand may lead to lower mortgage rates.


Trade Data

In the distant past the US economy tended to be viewed as relatively unaffected by economic activity in other countries. However, increased trades with other countries and an increased reliance on foreign purchases of US debt have generated a market awareness of trade-related issues. The exchange rate of the dollar and foreign trade flows are interrelated. One must buy dollars to purchase US exports, and sell dollars to buy imports. Likewise, foreign investment in US debt requires the purchase of US dollars, and is thus affected by exchange rates.

Each month the Commerce Department gathers an enormous amount of detailed data on exports and imports. The data is broken between goods and services trade. The overall trade balance is the dollar difference between US exports and imports on a seasonally adjusted basis. The report also highlights trade flows between the US and various partners. Since the mid-1970's, US imports of consumer and capital goods have exceeded exports, so a merchandise trade deficit has existed. The US has always maintained a service trade surplus, and because this surplus is not enough to offset the merchandise trade deficit, a net export deficit has resulted.

Due to the overwhelming amount of data considered, trade is difficult to forecast, and can present surprises. For a variety of reasons, the financial markets will often be unaffected by surprises in trade data. However, the data still has the ability to cause mortgage interest rate volatility.

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