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Academy District 20 Homes in Colorado Springs

Academy District 20 homes in Colorado Springs have held their value (see the article below) largely due to the reputation of the high academic ratings. Academy District 20 homes support approximately thirty one schools with more being proposed. It's not uncommon for local conversations to not just be about the neighborhood you live in, but what school district you live in! Most owners of Academy District 20 homes know the history of this school district goes back to the 1900s, with a formal system developing in 1957. Many new buyers of Academy District 20 homes are shocked to see the number of volunteers involved in various activities. Owners of Academy District 20 homes realize this school system is about much more than providing an education in just reading, writing and arithmetic!

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Academy District 20 Homes.  A recent analysis of home values in the area suggest Academy District 20 homes maintain their value better than other school districts in Colorado Springs.


Earlier this year we conducted an analysis of the homes sold in the three largest school districts in Colorado Springs, D-20, D-11, and D-49.  At the time we conducted

the analysis, it was clear that Academy District 20 homes held their value better over the past 5 years than homes in the other two school districts.


We discovered that on average, Academy District 20 homes and price per square foot are higher than the other two school districts; Academy District 20 homes had 

fewer properties sold at a loss (distressed); and despite the local decline in the market, Academy School District 20 homes actually appreciated over the past 5 years.

During the 5 years of the analysis, both D-11 and D-49 decreased overall in price per square foot, while Academy District 20 homes actually increased.  The percentage of distressed properties for D-11 and D-49 were both significantly higher (over 35%) than Academy District 20 homes (20%).


The details of school districts analysis are available here:  Academy District 20 homes



Average sold prices for homes in Colorado Springs



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