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When working with family is a problem...

So, I got in the mortgage business in the late 70's (before ECOA or Fair Lending, to be honest!). In the early '80's I decided to become a loan officer (which was unheard of for a woman to be in the sales department vs. behind a desk!) 

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I convinced my husband, Jim, to give up his CPA profession and come into the business in the late 80's. We accepted our oldest daughter's (Michelle) request to come to work with us in the early 90's. Our next daughter, Stephanie, who was working as a stock timer came to us right after 9-11 and asked to join us (and I thought, oh my!) But, it didn't stop there. Four years ago our oldest granddaughter, Alex, decided she wanted to give the business a whirl, so one day while I was thumbing through a stack of resumes looking to fill an entry level position, there was her resume! I allowed her to go through the standard hiring process with the office manager, and after several interviews, she was the cadidate of choice. BUT... I still wasn't certain she would work as hard as I would want, so I made her go to work with a temp agency, and hired her through them (that way if she didn't work out, the temp agency could fire her and not me!!)

Jim and Michelle are an amazing production team. Personality styles are exact opposites, which makes them a perfect, well-oiled machine.

Stephanie ended up a closer and can work circles around the best in her department.

And Alex, the granddaughter I worried about hiring, well, she turned out to be a rock star processor!


So, what's the problem, you are wondering??? Alex is pregnant. The doctor sent her to the hospital this morning for testing due to preeclampsia concerns, to determine if the baby should come a little earlier than planned. Her husband had half his crew not come in today, so he can't get away. Her mom, Michelle, woke up with the flu this morning so she's home hugging the commode. It's the end of the month, so Aunt Steph can't get away. And Jim and I rode together in one car, as we live 30 miles from where we work (which is 60 miles from the hospital). Plus, now he is showing signs of the flu. And did I mention it's the end of the month!!!

But there's good news... ALL OUR CLOSINGS FOR THE MONTH HAVE BEEN APPROVED FOR OVER A WEEK. All closing docs are out. Funds are ordered. Yep! We rock. So even with a great-grandbaby on the way, flu giving us a right-left punch and one car short, we've got this!

Three generations working together in the mortgage business should tell you we take this business seriously! Hope I work long enough to say there are four generations in the business someday!

If you are ever in need of a Colorado Home Lender, give us a call. We will treat YOU like family!

And we support the military! Here is a 3 generation picture of us with our RED Shirts on (Remember Everyone Deployed).

Colorado Home Lender

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So, I got in the mortgage business in the late 70's (before ECOA or Fair Lending, to be honest! ). In the early '80's I decided to become a loan officer (which was unheard of for a woman to be in the sales department vs. behind a desk! ) I convinced… more
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